Erin Go Bragh! Ireland Forever 🍀

Erin Go Bragh! Ireland Forever 🍀

Erin Go Bragh! Ireland Forever 🍀

Erin go Bragh is an Irish phrase that translates to "Ireland forever." It is often used as an expression of Irish pride and patriotism. This phrase is commonly associated with Saint Patrick's Day celebrations and reflects a deep connection to Irish heritage and culture. Whether uttered as a joyful exclamation or displayed proudly on banners, Erin go Bragh serves as a heartfelt declaration of enduring love and loyalty to the Emerald Isle.

Enhance your St. Patrick's Day festivities with this year's patterns for a festive touch. Discover a variety of St. Paddy's Day designs, from Shabby Shamrocks to Ireland Flag Felties. Explore the array of available patterns to add Irish charm to your space. Let your creativity shine and personalize your St. Patrick's Day with handmade decor. Enjoy stitching!

When looking for St. Paddy's Day patterns, be sure to check out the releases from last year.

Supplies used in these samples

Fabric used for this years AND last years release is Luck of the Gnomes by Paint Brush Studios. You can find flat stacks at Crafty Midwestern Mommy.

Essex Linen in the color Lingerie was used for the Mini Quilt and Coaster centers.

All felt is Felty by Sulky and can be found directly from Sulky or from Crafty Midwestern Mommy.

All thread used is Sulky Poly-Deco

🍀NEW! Shabby Shamrock Stuffie

🍀NEW! Vertical Puff Banner- Shamrock

🍀NEW! Erin Go Bragh Square Mini Quilt

🍀NEW! Home Country Coasters- Ireland

🍀NEW! Vintage Flag Banner- Lucky

🍀NEW! Ireland Rainbow Flag Feltie

Buy the Shabby Shamrock Stuffie get the Vertical Puff Banner- Shamrock, FREE!

YOU MUST add both/all TO YOUR CART. The discount will automatically apply once you have both/all items in your cart. You will not receive any item free if you do not add them to your cart. No adjustments will be made, no free items will be sent after the fact. If the deal is not reflected in your cart you have the incorrect items in your cart. Code will expire promptly at 11:59 no matter where you are in the checkout.

Deal cannot be combined with any other discount offer or code.

All deals and intro pricing end Sunday, February 25th at 11:59 PM EASTERN.



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