About Us

 Jen Chesnick, the digitizer of all Parker on the Porch designs, began her digital embroidery journey in 2016. (Fun fact: her first in-the-hoop designs were Planner Clips.) Jen’s daughter, Parker, would often pose on their front porch steps holding the new finished products Jen designed, which is where the business name “Parker on the Porch” comes from! In the past seven years, Parker on the Porch has continued to grow and now includes in-the-hoop designs for hundreds of items including everything from zipper bags, mug rugs, keyfobs, and banners to stuffies, pillows, and mini-quilts! Jen’s always working hard on more designs and there are new releases every Friday so be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter and join the Parker on the Porch Facebook group to stay up to date with all things POP! 

Why Choose POP

Whether you are brand new to in-the-hoop machine embroidery or you’re an expert, POP designs are perfect for you! All Parker on the Porch files are tested thoroughly in every size by Jen and her team before being released.  All designs are saved in every embroidery file type so they are sure to be compatible with your embroidery machine. Each POP design purchased also comes with a step-by-step PDF tutorial outlining each step in detail including pictures of each step to help you complete the design successfully. In addition, for many designs, there are also video tutorials on YouTube as well as on the POP Facebook page to help guide you if you’d like a little extra help! 

Brand new to in-the-hoop embroidery and nervous about diving in? POP designs are especially great for you! Not all designs are created equally, and not all digitizers include tutorials. Jen has eight years of experience digitizing and her detailed tutorials are invaluable particularly to those new to in-the-hoop embroidery. As you become more comfortable with in-the-hoop embroidery projects,  you’ll quickly fall in love with the smooth, beautiful digitizing work that Jen puts into each of her unique designs!

POP Tutorial Tuesdays

Catch “Facebook Live” every other Tuesday over on the Parker on the Porch business page to watch POP Squad member Julie stitch out new designs! Stitch the design along with her at home, or just join in on the fun by watching! You’re guaranteed to smile, laugh, and almost certainly learn a great tip or trick as well because Julie has been making POP designs since 2018! All of Julie’s live videos are also recorded and saved, so if you can’t watch them live, it’s ok! They can all be accessed on the Facebook business page at any time, so you can watch when it works for you as well as pause or rewind as many times as you need! Bonus! POP has a giveaway on every LIVE with Julie video. 

Can’t get enough video tutorials? Great news! A new video is also released on the Parker on the Porch YouTube Channel every other Tuesday! Angela has been making POP YouTube videos since 2016, and at the time of writing this article, there are currently 121 YouTube videos and there will be many more by the end of 2023! She walks you through each step of the process of making Jen’s designs and shares lots of helpful advice along the way too.

Connect with POP

The Parker on the Porch Facebook group members are creative, kind, and supportive! We LOVE seeing what beautiful creations you make with POP designs so be sure to share your finished products with us in the Facebook group! As an added bonus, every Thursday, Jen also posts a sneak peek picture of Friday’s new releases over on the business Facebook page and in the group so be sure to join! 

Sign up for the Parker on the Porch newsletter to have an email full of photos of each week’s new releases to help get you inspired to get “POPPING”! These newsletters will also include details about any upcoming sales so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!