Terms of Use


Parker on the Porch, LLC owns and holds copyright or has acquired a valid, commercial license for all content, art, photographs, and work contained on this website. The creation of an account or purchase of a design file, either directly from our website or from an authorized retail distributor, indicates your agreement with our Terms of Use. Your purchase, even if there is no exchange of currency, grants you, the individual account holder, a limited, revocable, non-transferable license to stitch the design for personal and small business purposes. If you violate the Terms of Use, your license will be revoked.


 ​What is allowed with Parker on the Porch Designs:  

  • You may create finished goods for personal items and gifts.   
  • You may create physical items from the files for sale on sites such as Etsy in a small format.
  • You may skip elements and resize a design, but the copyright of the file remains with Parker on the Porch. We do not guarantee the quality of the design if it has been adjusted or re-sized.  
  • You may decorate, personalize and "add to" blank designs. 


What is NOT allowed with Parker on the Porch Designs: 

  • You cannot adjust the base pattern elements. Example: construction layers, zipper construction, main pattern construction elements. 
  • You cannot create video tutorials of pattern construction without prior approval from Parker on the Porch.  This includes all social media outlets. 
  • You cannot use design files in mass production. Use over 500 is considered mass production; email us for commercial license information.  
  • You cannot transfer, distribute, share, or sell Parker on the Porch files. This includes files you have edited, altered, or adjusted.   
  • You cannot edit, alter, or adjust a Parker on the Porch design and sell the digital file that results from your alteration. Parker on the Porch retains copyright for the design.
  • You cannot use a Parker on the Porch design to create a new digital file and claim that as your own.  Example: using a Parker on the Porch digital embroidery design to create SVG files.  
  • You cannot share your account login information to retrieve or share design files. One account per individual. If you lose access to the email used to create your account, please do not open a new account. Email us and we will change the email for you. We cannot transfer files from one account to another.
  • You cannot use sample images, photographs, or other art or content from our site without permission from the site owner. 
  • You cannot share your files under any circumstances. Even free files.  


I do not provide technical support for your machine or your computer. You are responsible for knowing how to use your machine and transfer files to it. Facebook groups, Google and Youtube are excellent resources. Parker on the Porch maintains a Facebook group that is available for help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parkerontheporch/