You Rule Zipper Bag & Snaptab Combo!

You Rule Zipper Bag & Snaptab Combo!

You Rule Zipper Bag & Snaptab Combo!

Good Morning! We have a new bag and snaptab combo for you today.  You Rule! Ruler zipper bag and School Glue Snaptab.  The bag comes in 2 sizes, 5x7 & 6x10.  The 5x7 bag will hold pens, short pencils & mechanical pencils.  The larger 6x10 file is meant for #2 pencils, which are much longer.  The bag includes exposed and enclosed seam options.  I made one of each for the samples.  

School Glue snaptab is free with the purchase of the bag.  Add both items to your cart and use code SCHOOLGLUE at checkout.  Sale will run 8/11/17- 8/13/17@Midnight EST. 

For the tab I used white glitter vinyl from Punkbroidery.  You can find that HERE.  The yellow vinyl on the bag is also from Punkbroidery which can be found HERE. Zippers are from Zipit! Use code PARKERONTHEPORCH and receive 10% off your order.  Lastly some misc links. Kam snaps &  Lobster clasps



  • Is this a in the hoop project? What size hoop?

    cyndi on

  • Like all your zipper bags, but this is a great one for back to school..

    daf-dab on

  • I do not see the price.

    Virginia Frazier on

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