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Posted by Jenny Chesnick on

Hi friends! You can find our original supply list HERE.  While checking my links to my favorite lobster clasps I stumbled on some other great deals on supplies that I thought I would pass along to you! These contain affiliate links. Affiliate links help me earn money when you use them to purchase supplies. The money from these purchases help keep my business going. Photos are linked !

This bundle from Amazon on basic color FOE is a killer deal.  It works out to just 34 cents  a yard! 32 yards of basics. 
These are the sequins I use for filled designs.  They come in all sorts of color combinations. 
This is the glue I use to close up those holes in the zipper bags !


Zipper Tassels have been popular in the group the last few weeks.  This is a set of 70 for 8.99.  Works out to 13 cents each!
Set of 25 traditional key fob hardware.  A great deal at 8.99.  
That's it for tonight! Jen



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