Squishy Pandas, FABRIC & Boba TEA!

Squishy Pandas, FABRIC & Boba TEA!

Squishy Pandas, FABRIC & Boba TEA!


We have SO MUCH going on this week.  Be sure to read through all the new items AND limited quantities of fabric bundles! In order to receive the promos as stated in the announcement on the site you must add the items to your cart.  Do not forget to do that and enjoy! 

You know I have a thing for fabric!  Well I thought I would share that with you. I fell in love with Blossom by Dashwood Studios.  It just happened to go perfectly with this weeks release. Quantities are limited and will not be re-stocked.  If you purchase the fabric bundle be sure to see the details below on the free with purchase files.

NEW! One of the most requested stuffies is here! The Squishy Panda Stuffie. It has a little sidekick the Boba Tea Tag-A-Long.  My kids flipped their lid over this one.  Checkout our new video below showing us the best way to hand sew using the new Panda. 

New! but not new.  The Sulky Threads and POP collaboration files are finally here. The Squishy Boba Tea Stuffie & Boba Tea Zipper Bag.  Julie at Crafty Midwestern Mommy has put together two color kit options for the stuffie.  See the links below.

New! Puff Bag Tag Taiyaki - the Japanese Fish Waffle.  If you have never heard of these give it a google. They are SO good. Also New! Puff Bag Tag- Cherry Blossom. 

Last but not least for sure. New Boba Tea Card Guard & Mochi Set and the new Panda Charm set. 

Supplies used in these samples

All minky is Shannon Fabrics in the following colors

All vinyl is My Punkbroidery in the following colors. Taiyaki is Fawn Metallic, Cherry Blossom is Simple Pink, Panda Charm is Promo Black,  Card Guard is Promo White & Mochi Charms are made with Felty by Sulky. 

All thread used is Sulky Poly-Deco, Stuffing used is Polyfil.

🐼NEW! Squishy Panda Stuffie

🧋NEW! Boba Tea Tag-A-Long

🐼NEW! Panda Charm Set

🐼NEW! Puff Bag Tag- Cherry Blossom

🍥NEW! Puff Bag Tag- Taiyaki (Japanese Fish Waffle)


You've waited and waited! The time has come for the Sulky Threads & POP collab Boba Tea Files

🧋NEW! Boba Tea Stuffie

🧋NEW! Boba Tea Zipper Bag

🧋NEW! Boba Tea Card Guard & Mochi Charm Set


🧵NEW! Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle- Blossom by Dashwood Studios

Deal of the week. THERE ARE TWO!

Buy the Squishy Panda Stuffie get the Boba Tea Tag-A-Long, FREE!

 Buy the Blossom Fat Quarter Fabric bundle get the Puff Bag Tag Cherry Blossom AND Panda Charm Set , FREE! 

YOU MUST add both/all TO YOUR CART. The discount will automatically apply once you have both/all items in your cart. You will not receive any item free if you do not add them to your cart. No adjustments will be made, no free items will be sent after the fact. If the deal is not reflected in your cart you have the incorrect items in your cart. If adding both discounts to your cart the discount will be SPLIT between items. The dollar amount will be correct. Code will expire promptly at 11:59 no matter where you are in the checkout.

Deal cannot be combined with any other discount offer or code.

All deals and intro pricing end Sunday, February 11th at 11:59 PM EASTERN.

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