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Gnome Holiday Truck Banner and Ornament & ITH Gift Bag Squares Set Supply List

Posted by Jenny Chesnick on

We have two amazing new releases for you this week--one combines two of the most POPular themes with a GNOME in a TRUCK! We have this in a banner piece:

Gnome Holiday Truck Banner (shown with the Lumberjack Tree Banner Piece)--(And I know you're going to ask about the font. I KNOW. WE BEGGED FOR IT TOO. Jen digitized it for her personal use, and it cannot be sold, and she wouldn't even give it to yours truly or any of her other trusty POP Squad members. I asked her to digitize my name, and I think she blocked me. ANYHOO...)

And an ornament!

Gnome Holiday Truck Ornament (shown with the POP Slim Sticks Font)

And if that weren't enough--there's a new ITH Gift Bag Squares Set that doesn't require any zippers or snaps or anything other than fabric. And if you don't have fabric, well, we... just don't think that's possible. 

Supplies used during the creation of these and other POP projects:

We can't wait to see what you create with our designs. Come share photos, ask questions, and chat in our Facebook group! Some links are affiliate links.  I do earn a small commission from your purchase.  Thank you!

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