FAQ Series: Will This Design Fit in My Hoop?

FAQ Series: Will This Design Fit in My Hoop?

FAQ Series: Will This Design Fit in My Hoop?





One of the most commonly asked questions in email and in our Facebook group is something along the lines of, "My max hoop size is 5x7. Will that design work in my machine?" And the answer is that it depends on your machine and whether you're using an aftermarket hoop.

Almost all POP design listings include the design dimensions. For example, from the Cake Tree Mug Rug and Hot Pad Set:

You might see the smaller mug rug size of 5.09" x 7.00" and think, "That design is bigger than 5 inches, and it won't fit in my 5x7 hoop!" But that's more than likely not true. Most major embroidery machine companies size their hoops in millimeters, not inches. On my Brother machines, the hoop that we all know as a "5x7 hoop" is actually 130 mm x 180 mm, which converts to 5.11 inches x 7.08 inches. A Brother 6x10 hoop is 160 mm x 260 mm or 6.29 inches x 10.23 inches.


You can find the exact stitchable area of the hoops for your machine in the manual for the machine--look that up and bookmark it so that you will have it at your fingertips the next time you're shopping for designs. Of course there are a few machines with non-rectangular hoops, such as the Bernina "Midi" Hoop. 

If we measure the diameter of this oval, it's 265 mm x 165 mm (10.43 inches x 6.49 inches). But the stitchable area is an oval shape, not a rectangle, so a "6x10" zipper bag will not fit in this hoop. 

There are also aftermarket hoops that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, there are FastFrames

And Mighty Hoops


Another twist to hoop size is the "Multi Position" hoop such as the Brother 5x12 (actual dimensions 300 mm x 130 mm or 11.81 inches x 5.11 inches). The repositionable hoops do not work with many "in the hoop" designs such as zipper bags. The hoop does not increase the maximum stitchable area of the machine past 130 mm x 180 mm. The hoop simply has the ability to be attached to the machine in several positions so that you can stitch a series of designs without rehooping the material.



Knowing your machine's hoop sizes or the aftermarket hoop sizes will enable you to purchase designs and not worry about whether it will fit in your hoop. POP's designs are sold with all of the sizes in one convenient and reasonably priced bundle. Even if you currently have a maximum hoop size of 5x7, you might get a different machine in a year or two! 

Happy stitching! 

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