FAQ Series: How to make a Puff Bag Tag

FAQ Series: How to make a Puff Bag Tag

FAQ Series: How to make a Puff Bag Tag

The NEW Puff Bag Tags are designed for batting, sew in foam, craft foam or puff embroidery foam. Let's make one. 

Supplies Needed

  • Bag Tag- Puff- Skeleton ( or other style)
  • Medium weight Tearaway
  • 2 pieces of your choice of vinyl. Cut to 4x4
  • Batting (2 pieces) Sew in Foam, Craft Foam or Puff Embroidery Foam

There are various options you can use to create the PUFF. If you are familiar with our Puff Banners this process is very similar.  If using batting we suggest 2 layers, sew in foam (as shown) is thicker and needs only one layer. Craft foam and Puff Embroidery foam tear away from the seam and are a fun option. Puff Embroidery foam comes in several thickness options. 


  • Hoop up your medium weight tearaway.  Medium is used because the design elements can be dense and it will hold up better to foam trimming or tearing.
  • Run step 1- placement stitching directly onto the stabilizer. 


  • Place your choice of "puff" on top of the hoop.  Be sure the material is covering all placement lines.  In this sample we are using sewn in foam by Pellon.
  • Return your hoop to the machine and run Step 2- this will tack your foam into place. 

The photo above shows the sewn in foam trimmed away.  You want any edges of the foam to be inside of the outer placement line,  This will ensure it is enclosed in your vinyl. 

The photo above demonstrates using Craft Foam.  Craft foam is a good option and can be layered (based on machine ability) When using foam the stitching creates a perforation.  This can be used to tearaway the foam.  You'll need to cut a start point. Then gently pull up the edge to tear.  

Not all craft foam is equal.  We found that different brands had better tear results.  If your foam doesn't tear completely clean you can easily clean it up with scissors as shown above. 


  • Place your vinyl over your foam and secure
  • Return your hoop to your machine and run your details. 


  • Once your details are ran remove your hoop from the machine.
  • On the back of your hoop place your other piece of vinyl with the right side facing you. Secure and return your hoop to the machine. 
  • At this point if your machine is capable it is a good idea to raise your foot height slightly.  This will help your foot glide over the foam edges. 
  • Run your final step, The outline. 


  • Remove your bag tag from the hoop
  • Clear away all stabilizer
  • Trim your bag tag to your desired seam allowance
  • Using your choice of hole and eyelet setter. Punch your hole and set your eyelet.

Your bag tag is complete! Check out that dimension! Join us on Facebook to show off your creations. 


Designs Used: 

Halloween Puff Bundle, Puff Ghost, Puff Coffin, Puff Skeleton 


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