FAQ Blog Series: Tips for Bag Tag Making

FAQ Blog Series: Tips for Bag Tag Making

FAQ Blog Series: Tips for Bag Tag Making


Parker On the Porch Bag Tags make a perfect accessory for SO many bags. From wristlets and cup bags, to backpacks and large pool-ready totes, bag tags add an extra personal (and FUN) touch! In this blog, we’ll visit the most frequently asked questions about making bag tags to get you on your way to accessorizing. 

What vinyl is best?

  • When deciding what vinyl is best to make a bag tag with, try to pick one that is on the thicker side for bag tags. A POP Squad favorite is MyPunkbroidery “promo” vinyl.

  • On the back of bag tags you can use the same vinyl you used on the front, or you can use felt-totally up to you! *If you’re using vinyl, slide an extra piece of tear-away stabilizer between the bottom of the hoop where the vinyl is and the bed of your embroidery machine to keep the vinyl from dragging.*

  • Jelly vinyl is the only vinyl that can be kind of tricky when trying to make a bag tag. Some of it cannot hold up to satin stitches very well, but if your heart is set on making a bag tag out of jelly vinyl, give it a try!

  • A good quality cork also can make a great bag tag.

Can I use felt?

  • Sure! Felt will work just fine. A thicker “premium” felt will yield better results than a very thin felt.

  • Depending on your felt you may also need to add an extra piece of stabilizer. 

What hardware do I need?

Hole-Punching/Eyelet Setting Tool

  • We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile

Eyelets/Grommets Bag tags all have a space left at the top of the design for you to punch a hole and insert an eyelet or grommet so that it can hang from a bag.

  • Fun fact: There actually is a difference between an eyelet and a grommet. A grommet is a two-part piece of hardware and eyelets are only one piece. Grommets have a washer that goes on the back of the fabric, but eyelets do not.

Hanging Hardware

  • Choose from a steel cable ring, bead chain, or plastic keychain clip! (insert links)

  • Once it’s on the hanging hardware of your choice, just attach it to your favorite bag!

Where do I find those cool beads?

  • HERE

  • Silicone beads are seen most frequently. 12-15mm size seems to work best!

  • You can also use wood or clay-polymer beads as long as the hole of the bead is wide enough to fit over the hanging hardware you choose.

How do I make those cool beads slide on easier?

  • If you’re adding silicone beads to a steel cable ring, they will NOT slide right on.

  • I use an awl from a hand-held kam-snap setting tool set I ordered on Amazon. If you search “awl” on Amazon, you’ll find tons of options! 

  • Slide the awl through the hole of the silicone bead to help widen the circle just a bit before trying to slide the bead onto the steel cable ring. 

If you sell your finished items, consider adding bag tags to your inventory at your next craft show! I’ve had success with the “2024 Senior” bag tag made in local high school colors and customers have also loved all of the summer themed bag tags to add to their “Bogg Bags” for spring and summer pool and beach trips! The sports bag tags are also SUPER popular to be paired with a clean-stitch “cup bag”. Which POP bag tag is your favorite? Share your finished makes with us over on the Parker on the Porch Facebook page! Happy stitching! 

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