FAQ Blog Series: Easy Editing in Embrillance

FAQ Blog Series: Easy Editing in Embrillance

FAQ Blog Series: Easy Editing in Embrillance


Where are my softball lovers?! Did you love last week’s new releases but wish there was a version for softball families too?! Great news! You can do it on your own in less than 5 minutes! This blog will walk you through how to modify the Baseball Season Mini Quilt in Embrilliance Essentials software.

Let’s Make It!

  • On your computer, download the POP Baseball Season Mini Quilt design and save it to a location you can easily find it. (I save my designs to a USB stick, but also back them up on an external hard drive every few months just in case my USB sticks ever decide to stop working.)

  • Open Embrilliance Essentials software on your computer.

  • Click the “Open” folder on the upper left side of your screen.

  • The POP Baseball Season mini quilt will now be loaded in the middle of your screen.

  • Secure vinyl with tape outside of the stitch line.
  • In the upper right hand corner of your screen, click the plus sign to expand Object 1, and you will see all of the steps for the mini quilt. 

  • Scroll down so that you can see step 11, which is the text “Baseball”. 

  • Click on step 11 in the Objects Box which is the text “Baseball”. It will then be isolated in the middle of your screen. Hit the “Delete” key on your computer keyboard. The “Baseball” text will now be gone.

  • Find the blue “A” in the upper middle of your screen. Click the “A”. This will pull up a second “Object” on the right side of your screen in the objects box with the default text “ABC”. 

  • In the properties box, click on Object 2 that says “Letters”. Enter the new text “Softball” in place of the default “ABC” and select the font and size of the text you would like.
  • Click on the text “Softball” in the middle of your screen and move it to be centered. (Zoom in to make sure the text isn’t overlapping the bottom of the baseball/softball base shape satin stitches.) 

  • The hardest part is done! Your new “Softball is Our Favorite Season” mini quilt is ready to be saved!

  • Insert your USB stick into your computer. Then click “File”, followed by “Save As (Stitch and Working)”

  • Navigate to your USB Drive and desired folder and then click “Save”. 

  • Insert your USB Drive into your embroidery machine and load your softball mini quilt design.

  • Follow the PDF instructions for the construction of this mini quilt with only ONE special thing to note. **After running step 9, which is a bean stitch around the baseball/softball base shape, advance your machine to Step 24, which will be the text “Softball”. It was quicker to advance using the “Up” arrow which goes backwards in steps until I got to Step 24 “Softball”.

  • After running Step 24, advance your machine to step 10 (stitching out “Is Our”) to continue with the rest of the mini quilt design using the full PDF tutorial as your guide.

  • These same steps can be used to edit the baseball mug rug to say “There is no crying in softball”. It’s a pretty simple edit if you delete step 7 (The circle of text saying “There is” and “baseball”) and make the new text straight instead of in a circle like in the original design, but also possible to put into a circle too if you play with the properties such as “text in a circle”, position, slant, and spacing of the text. All of these properties can be found in the bottom right side of your screen.

We’re a softball family so I’m pretty excited about this simple edit thanks to the software! If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing Embrilliance Essentials software, this is your sign to do it! I bought this software the same day I bought my embroidery machine and felt from the start that it was very user friendly. (There are other embroidery software programs out there too, I’m just not familiar with them.) Get creative, have fun, and be sure to share your finished designs with us over in our POP Facebook group! 

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