FAQ Series: Clean Stitch Bag, On A Cup!

FAQ Series: Clean Stitch Bag, On A Cup!

FAQ Series: Clean Stitch Bag, On A Cup!


The Parker on the Porch “Clean Stitch Center-Zip” bag has been turning lots of heads this week! It’s such a fun, quick in-the-hoop project, and also happens to be a perfect companion for the very popular “Stanley Cup” or similarly sized tumbler! Links to Clean Stitch Bag inspo, Squad Charms,  Beads and Key Rings can be found on THIS BLOG post.

Want to make one? Here’s what you need!

  • Ponytail holders, Elastic, or Silicone Bands You need stretchy circular bands to attach your bag to the cup. 
  • (The ponytail holders used in pictures for this blog were purchased at Target for $4.29.)


  • Fold Over Elastic (FOE) for tabs- Fold over elastic can be purchased from your local craft store or from Amazon. 

Let’s Make it!

  • POP! Designs come with very detailed step-by-step PDF instructions with pictures to help you. Be sure to use the PDF instructions as your main resource for constructing the “Clean-Stitch” bag and also read this blog with helpful tips about using jelly, clear TPU, and PVC vinyl.
  • Carefully heat seal the ends of your fold over elastic with a lighter. It only takes a second of the heat from the flame to melt the edge of the elastic. This will help keep your elastic from unraveling and pulling out of the seam of your bag.
  • Before running the final step (step 5),  place the two pieces of fold over elastic around your ponytail holders on your hoop, centered with the zipper as seen in the picture.  

Helpful Tips- Make sure you leave about ½ inch of elastic over the stitch line to be sure it will be secure in your bag and less likely to pull out of the seam during use. (The drawn-in yellow line on the picture above shows approximately where the stitching for step 5 will be. Look closely at your hoop when placing your fold over elastic and you will be able to see where step 5 will be stitching.)

Also make sure that your ponytail holders are NOT tucked in too closely to the stitch line. Add a piece of tape in the center of your bag securing both ponytail holders if you’d like. (Just be sure the tape you’re using doesn’t leave any residue behind on your vinyl first!)


  1. Secure both pieces of the fold over elastic with tape. POP recommends Medical tape or Sulky Embroidery Tape. Be generous with your tape to ensure your elastic doesn’t shift during step 5 but also make sure it is on the outside of the stitch line. 
  2. Place your final piece of vinyl on top of your hoop right side down (as explained in the design’s PDF instructions) and secure it with additional tape along the perimeter, outside of the stitch line.

Helpful Tip- For the first part of step 5, it will be running the bean stitch over the part of your bag with the fold over elastic and top layer of vinyl. Since this part can be thicker depending on the thickness of your fold over elastic and vinyl, you may want to raise your presser foot slightly just until it makes it over the portion with the fold over elastic. Then lower your embroidery foot back to the same lower height as recommended for stitching this bag until it reaches the second piece of fold over elastic. Raise your foot height slightly again until it goes over this portion and then lower it back down for the completion of the bag.

     3. Before trimming carefully around the perimeter of your bag, locate your two pieces of fold over elastic. When trimming, don’t cut your fold over elastic. Be sure you leave about a ½ inch outside of the seam allowance. This also helps keep your fold over elastic from pulling out of the seam.  

What do you put in it?

  • Anything you want! Lip gloss, hand sanitizer, hotel room key, cash, ID…so many possibilities! 

That’s it! Find your favorite Stanley cup or similarly sized cup or tumbler, slide your new beautiful POP bag on, and you’re ready for fashionable hydration!

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