Candy and Snack Package Zipper Bags In The Hoop

Candy and Snack Package Zipper Bags In The Hoop

Candy and Snack Package Zipper Bags In The Hoop

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop

Ever wanted to know how everyone is making those adorable zipper pouches out of candy or snack packaging? Let's make one together.

Gather the necessary supplies:

Choose the snack package, and measure it to determine what size zipper bag is possible. This one will have a useful space of about 8 inches wide by 6 inches high, so I can make a 5x7 inch bag or smaller. 

Candy snack package zipper bag in the hoop

Carefully open the package with scissors. Look at the back of the bag. Is it attractive or potentially useful? I'm using a solid fabric for the back of the zipper pouch, but I could cut down the sides and treat the back the same as the front for a different look. I'm going to save the right side panel from the package back because it has a fun graphic. Wash the packaging with dish soap to remove any food residue.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop

In order to transform the packaging into something that can be stitched into a zipper pouch, I will cover it with fusible vinyl. Fusible vinyl comes in glossy and matte. I used glossy for this tutorial. Cut out a piece of fusible vinyl to fit the package without hanging over the edges. (Or the overhang will fuse to the ironing board cover!)

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop

Peel back the paper layer and lay the vinyl on the snack package. (Save the paper backing!) Using the squeegee, start in the middle of the package and smooth the vinyl out to the edges. I flip it over and try to work out wrinkles from the underside as well.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl

Grab the vinyl directions and read them. Go ahead and read them a couple of times. Preheat the iron according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use the protective paper backing to cover the vinyl and packaging. I like to save larger pieces from projects to use again and again. Don't touch the hot iron to the snack package or vinyl directly! Follow the instructions to fuse the vinyl to the snack package.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl

Add some type of interfacing to the backside of the vinyl-topped package. For a puffier, distinctively quilted look, use fusible fleece. For a trimmer look, stick to SF101 or some kind of medium or lite interfacing.

A stippling design is used to "quilt" the prepared packaging to the cut away stabilizer. Stippling is not technically necessary if the package piece is interfaced, but it hides imperfections in the fused vinyl and adds another design element to your finished bag. I'm using a design that looks like waves to coordinate with the fish candy packaging.  Get those HERE. There are a variety of stippling and quilting block files available from embroidery shops online, including several free options. Alternatively, the packaging can be quilted using a sewing machine. Select a file that ideally is larger than the finished size so that the edges of the stippling stitch don't show on the finished bag. My finished piece needs to be 6x8 inches, so I could have used a 6x10 or larger file. I stitched the 7x11 size.

Hoop cut away stabilizer and stitch the placement stitch if there is one. Center the vinyl-covered and interfaced package in the hoop, and smooth it out as much as possible.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl

The packaging should look similar to this when the stippling stitch is complete. The stippling thread color can add another whimsical element to your zipper pouch.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl

Remove the stippled packaging from the hoop and trim to size.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl

Here is the candy package ready to be made into a zipper bag!

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl

For the back of these bags, I suggest using something that isn't super lightweight and adding interfacing. The prepared snack packaging front has some heft to it, and choose something to balance that out without making the bag impossible to turn.

My finished zipper pouch (which is the 4.94" x 6.96" from the Original Top Zip Set of 9) looks a little boring. Hmmm, how could I jazz this up?

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop

Remember the back of the package? I used the fish and hook graphic to make a coordinating applique snap tab. The Basic Shapes Applique Snap Tab Bundle or the Charms Basic Shape Set 1 or the Charms Basic Shape Set 2 are perfect to use to showcase fun, small sections of the package.

candy snack zipper bag in the hoop fusible vinyl snap tab glitter

See the glitter inside the applique snap tab? That's a tutorial for another day! 

Come share your candy and snack zipper bags in the POP Facebook group! 


YouTube tutorials that might be helpful:

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Candy Bag Zipper Pouch with Jenny from MSQC

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