Boho Smileys & Clean Stitch Pencil Bags

Boho Smileys & Clean Stitch Pencil Bags

Boho Smileys & Clean Stitch Pencil Bags

Good Morning! Another week another BACK TO SCHOOL release! This week is Clean Stitch Pencil week. Clean Stitch Pencil Zipper bags come in Size 3 and Size 5 (9 sizes each) perfect for backpacks and work bags. 

New Cord Keeper 2.0- Squad Monogram expands on the very popular Squad Charms. My kids are living for these and the cord tags. 

Three new bundles! Boho Smiley, Boho Smiley Lightening & Groovy Daisy.  All items are sold individually or as one bundle of each style.  Each bundle includes: Bag Tag, Snaptab, Cord Keepers & Cord Tag. 

Supplies used in these samples

Pattern Jelly Vinyl is from Zipper Valley. All accessory vinyl is from My Punkbroidery. White Glitter, Hint of Lilac & Yellow Promo

All thread used is Poly Deco by Sulky 

Size 5 zippers & zipper pulls used are from Zipper Valley 
Size 3 zippers are from Zipit (use code POP10 here as well!)

Link to Bead Keychain Supplies:
Link to Charm supplies:
Link to Stabilizers:
Link To Snaptab Supplies: 

⭐NEW! Size 3- Clean Stitch Pencil Zipper Bag

⭐NEW! Size 5- Clean Stitch Pencil Zipper Bag

⭐NEW! Cord Keepers 2.0- Squad Monogram

⭐NEW! Boho Smiley: Snaptab, Bag Tag, Cord Keepers, Cord Tags & BUNDLE

⭐NEW! Boho Smiley Lightening:  Snaptab, Bag Tag, Cord Keepers, Cord Tags & BUNDLE

⭐NEW! Groovy DaisySnaptab, Bag Tag, Cord Keepers, Cord Tags & BUNDLE

💥Deal of the week. Buy the Size 3 OR Size 5 Clean Stitch Pencil Zipper Bag and get the Cord Keepers 2.0- Squad Monogram, FREE!    
💥YOU MUST add both/all TO YOUR CART. The discount will automatically apply once you have both/all items in your cart. You will not receive any item free if you do not add them to your cart. No adjustments will be made, no free items will be sent after the fact. If the deal is not reflected in your cart you have the incorrect items in your cart. Code will expire promptly at 11:59 no matter where you are in the checkout process. 
✔Deal cannot be combined with any other discount offer or code.
✔ All deals and intro pricing end Sunday, August 6th at 11:59 PM EASTERN.


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