Boba Tea Webcast with Sulky Threads

Boba Tea Webcast with Sulky Threads

Boba Tea Webcast with Sulky Threads

Hi! Join Jen and Ellen March Tuesday, June 13th at 2PM Eastern for a FREE live webcast.  We are introducing our new Boba Tea Zipper Bag and Boba Tea Squishy Stuffie.  A Sulky Threads exclusive webcast.  All links to register and purchase are linked at the below.

You can purchase our new files directly from the Sulky Threads website. These files will only be available from the Sulky Website.   You have the option to purchase just the files or a kit that includes the files.  The kit includes enough materials to make the largest zipper bag.  Files include both the bag AND stuffie!

The kit includes everything you need to create your bag.  Stabilizers, Thread, Felt, fabric and more. 

Just for registering for the free webcast you will receive a free coordinating file set.  This adorable Mochi Ice Cream Charm and Better with Bubbles Card Guard. 

Our friends at Crafty Midwestern Mommy helped us out by putting together a Shannon Fabrics Cuddle ONLY kit for our Boba Tea Squishy Stuffie. Again you must purchase the files from the Sulky Website.  

Kit includes enough Cuddle to create multiple Boba Tea Stuffies. 


Kit For Webcast: Click Here

Boba Tea Zipper Bag & Stuffie Files ONLY: Click Here

Register for Sulky Webcast: Click Here

Kit for Cuddle Fabric: Click Here





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