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#5 Double Zipper Top Zip Bag and Set Sail Charms Supply List

Posted by Jenny Chesnick on

The Double Zipper Top Zip Bag design is now available in a #5 zipper size! 

#3 zippers are the all-purpose zippers you can buy at any craft store, and they're what all previous POP ITH zipper bag designs use. If you want to use a larger zipper, such as the #4.5 with the longer purse pull or a #5 with the faux metallic teeth, choose the #5 design. #3 zippers have teeth that are 3mm wide and almost always have tape that is 1" wide. #5 zippers have teeth that are 5mm wide and the tape is around 1.25" wide. 

What's the point of having two separate designs? What is the difference between the #3 and #5 designs? Nothing really when you look at them completed (which is how you know the design is done well!), but the zipper size is an integral part of the design. When people were hacking the standard #3 design using a #5 zipper, the lining was getting caught in the zipper teeth, and the embroidery machine foot would sometimes hit the teeth and throw the design off. There wasn't enough zipper tape outside of the zipper teeth for the zipper to work correctly and the embroidery foot to have enough room to maneuver. Conversely, if you're putting a more narrow #3 in a #5 design, the tape won't get caught by the stitching/not enough tape in the seam allowance to be secure or there will be too much tape showing which isn't as attractive.

Jen thought it would be more simple to adjust the design for the #5 zipper than it turned out to be when she started with the Trendsetter. It's more than just scooting a line or two over. The #5 gets tested and tweaked in each size just like the #3 does before the design gets released.

Choose the Double Zipper Top Zip Bag option sized for the zippers you would prefer to use! We have these listed as separate designs to hopefully minimize confusion.

#5 Double Zipper Top Zip Bag

Set Sail Charm Set

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