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POP Points- Have Been Retired


🌟Our points system is retiring. As of today, March 3rd, customers will no longer earn rewards on purchases. Current points balance will need to be used by July 1st.
🌟After July 1st all remaining points and information will be removed. Coupon codes are valid for 30 days after claiming. Expired codes will not be honored.
🌟 Two new rewards tiers have been added to help spend lower point amounts. Any balance under 15 points will not have any reward attached.
🌟When using codes you must spend the full amount of the reward code. Any remaining balance will NOT be applied to any other purchase or placed back into your points balance. Reward codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon code. Example: WEEKLY SPECIAL, ANOTHER REWARD CODE.
Thank you!


How do POP Points work? 

You accumulate 1 point for every $1 spent in store.  These points are totaled up to earn your discount codes.  There are current 3 tiers of codes.

55 Points = 3.50 

65 Points = 4.99 

100 Points = 9.99 

Every time you earn points the website will email the balance and if you have earned enough for a reward.  

  • If you claim a code and do not use it.  SAVE THE EMAIL.  The code is active until you use it or it expires. 
  • Do NOT claim a reward coupon until you are ready to use it.  Codes EXPIRE 30 days after claiming the code. 
  • POP Points cannot be combined with any other discount code (example:  Weekly freebie with purchase) 
  • POP Points reward codes are limited to ONE PER ORDER.  They cannot be combined
  • SPEND IT ALL.  Discounts are for the FULL amount.  Any balance left WILL NOT roll over. So spend them wisely!

How to check your points! Click the "Check Rewards" tab at the bottom of any page of the website.  

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