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Size 5 Unicorn Top Zip Zipper Bag, Size 3 Unicorn Top Zip Pencil Zipper Bag, and the Rainbow Keyfob Set

Posted by Jenny Chesnick on

Number 5 zipper fans, this bag will be your new best imaginary friend--it's the Top Zip Unicorn! (If you aren't sure whether you need the #5 design, check this blog post all about zipper sizes.)


Size 5 Top Zip Unicorn Zipper Bag

And she brought a friend to help organize your pens and pencils and whatever other magical supplies you need.

Size 3 Unicorn Top Zip Pencil Zipper Bag

Every unicorn needs a rainbow--

The Rainbow Keyfob Set

Supplies used during the creation of these and other POP projects:

We can't wait to see what you create with our designs. Come share photos, ask questions, and chat in our Facebook group! Some links are affiliate links.  I do earn a small commission from your purchase.  Thank you!

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