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Magical Snow Queen and Snow Sister Zipper Bags, Magical Snow and Ice Keyfob Set, Magical Snow Charms, and ITH Hair Tie Supply List

Posted by Jenny Chesnick on

Is anyone else FREEZING with anticipation over a certain movie coming out in a few weeks? POP is here to make sure you're properly accessorized for the premiere with our Magical Snow collection!

Change up the colors to make the Snow Queen original

Or reflect the new Snow Queen's color scheme

Magical Snow Queen Zipper Bag

Magical Snow Sister Zipper Bag

Magical Snow and Ice Keyfob Set

Magical Snow Charms

ITH Hair Tie

Supplies used:


We can't wait to see what you create with our designs. Come share photos, ask questions, and chat in our Facebook group

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  • Beautiful things Hope you do well with your website. I love my embroidery machine and am busy doing stuff.

    Genie Hofeldt on

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