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Boys Bow Tie Tutorial - Handmade Holiday

Posted by Jenny Chesnick on

Bow Tie Tutorial 
Today's Handmade Holiday tutorial is a bow tie! It'll have your little boy looking so sharp for the Holidays. 
Parker on the Porch's Magical Mini Bow embroidery file:
Fabric Tac
Needle and thread
Embroidery machine and sewing machine
Tear away stabilizer 
Stitch the tack down lines for the medium bow and the center of the bow
Place your Fabric with the pretty side up over all of the placement stitches and stitch the fabric tack down stitches. 
Place the next piece of fabric with the wrong side facing down. Cover all of the tack down stitches and stitch the final tack down. 
Remove the fabric from the hoop and rip all of the tear away stabilizer off of the fabric pieces. Cut out the bow and the bow center. 
Here I used pinking shears so the curves of the bow will lay nice and flat. Leave tabs for turning and gluing the opening closed.
Turn your bow and bow center to the right side, iron, and seal closed with Fabric tac.
Cut a strip of fabric 18"x2" for the neck strap of the bow tie
Fold the neck strap piece in half and stitch closed
Turn your strap to the right side. Press your neck strap piece with the seam in the center back.
Hand stitch an accordion stitch in the center of your bow. Gather it and wrap the thread 
around the center a few times and tie it off with a knot. 
Machine or hand stitch the bow center the the center of your neck strap piece.
Wrap you bow center around the center of the bow and stitch it closed.
Fold in the ends of the neck strap piece and sew it closed.
Cut your velcro 4" long and round the corners of the velcro. Stitch the velcro to the straps. 

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